3D Graphics Development

Griffin Software offers comprehensive development services related to 3D rendering and animation, which are ideally suited if you are looking for an external contractor to add graphics features in a project with a larger scope. Examples include:

  • serious games, e.g. training simulators or realtime architectural visualization
  • multimedia/interactive presentations
  • extending existing tools and platforms (see also the Content Pipelines page for details about plug-in development for DCC applications)
  • offline or realtime shader programming
  • promotional games on desktop PCs, tablet PCs and other devices

We have a considerable amount of cross-platform experience, so we can help you port existing projects to new platforms and operating systems. It is also possible to hire us to research and prototype new concepts, tools and technologies, so that you can stay ahead of the innovation curve without pulling valuable in-house personnel from ongoing projects.

3D graphics has a number of related disciplines, like image processing or physical simulation. We have good exposure to practical issues in these proximate fields, therefore we will consider such projects too.

Furthermore, we provide training services on various 3D development topics, from general principles and paradigms to specific programming techniques and algorithms. The material can be tailored to the interests and proficiency level of the attendants and can be delivered in several formats, depending on available time and scope of the subject (e.g. seminars vs. workshops vs. Q&A sessions).


If you have further questions about our services, or would like to set up a meeting or conference call to discuss cooperation opportunities, you can reach us in the following ways:

  • E-mail: contact
  • Phone: +4 031 104 08 21
    (GMT+2 time zone)

You can also visit the company page for additional details about Griffin Software.